Family emergency

I’ll probably be absent for a time – several days or weeks – since a family emergency has come up today unexpectedly. I don’t think I’ll be in the right frame of mind to post anything, but I hope that it will not come to this. I’m just really down now, fighting my emotions to keep a clear mind and do what is necessary to keep a load off everybody else.

I really, really hope and pray that everything goes well today and that my father makes it through. I hope that he will keep on annoying me with his jibes, that he will rant about politics and work, laugh with us watching those hilarious French comedies, and keep his protective wings around us.

We may have our disagreements but I am not yet ready to say goodbye. It is far too soon and far, far too unexpected. So, please stay strong and positive, dad, and I will wait for you to come home. My sister will make you coffee and you will explain over lunch what you did at work, what scientific article you found to share with my brother, and what else co-workers have told you. You will laugh with mum, tease her so she will gently swat you, and we will be one big family.

Please, be strong, and the universe, please be kind.




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