Great News

My father made it through emergency heart surgery and was awake and conscious three days afterwards. We were so glad and overjoyed to see him look at us, squeeze our hands, smile and answer a few simple questions. It was amazing. The surgeons and the emergency staff were amazing as well. He was transferred to a bigger hospital and in the operation room in about one hour or so, but the doctor who treated him first was spot on with her diagnosis as well, which is a surprise since it’s relatively rare – aortic dissection.

Now he’s finally got rid of the breathing tube, so he was able to talk to us in a very hoarse voice. I don’t think the personell quite knows just how smart he is or they’d have listened to him and removed the tubus days ago. He knows what is normal for him but they don’t give him much information. I think they regarded him as completely infirm. Big mistake. He’s not happy they treated him as so much piece of meat when he was perfectly capable of communicating with them. Oh, and giving him a sleeping pill right before they wanted to do some tests. Let’s just say he’s had something to say about that as well… Otherwise, he’s fine, just itching to get out.


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