This blog is an exercise in expressing my thoughts, keeping track of the large list of interests and hobbies (and fandoms). It’s a platform for all kinds of notifications on my projects and also an important part of my life.

What you’ll find here is a multitude of topics, ranging from movies, tv series, books, recent important events in the world, sociological and ecological problems, cultural exploration of far-off lands and more… Who says life must be dull or your interests few?

If you’re not intimidated by a young opinionated woman, then this is the blog for you. Feel free to comment, offer advice, or just share in my enthusiasm.



2 responses to “About

  1. I tipped over you when I went to see why a certain person had followed me……… I noticed your post and I enjoyed your honest question…….. so here I am. These thin threads are one of the reasons I like this style of writing (blogging).I’m not young but I am opinionated and I’m not female. My wife has been giving me ‘strong female lessons’ for 41 years. I also have two daughters in law who would fit into that category as well…………. so I’m learning. I haven’t been here all that long either but I am enjoying it…………… so many amazing people………. I feel that my writing is improving just by being here. Have fun. Terry.

  2. Hi. You sound “ballsy” and that does not deter me at all. I like “opinionated” people. But in just a few days, I will have you converted to seeing things my way! (wink, wink)

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