Reading challenge quarterly report

quarterly repor_1t

It’s time for a report on my reading challenges and the progress I made in the past three months. I must say I’m pleased with my overall results but I’m seeing some challenges I should focus more on in the future, namely Banned Books Reading Challenge and 1001-books Reading Challenge. I’m way ahead with Bralnica Reading Challenge (Slovene reader’s forum), Flights of Fantasy , and the Prequel and Sequel Reading Challenge.

Reading challenge progress bars_1

I was afraid for quite some time about the Prequel and Sequel challenge, having forgotten the rule about extra points for complete series. I thought I’d have to read a ton of books and start entirely new series to get anywhere with my points, but you are allowed to count books you read in 2015. Phew. How fortunate for me. 😀

I’ve also added Bookish Bingo Challenge 2016 hosted by Maddie @ The Girly Geek. It looks fun and the categories overlap with my other challenges. Maddie will also have an international giveaway at the end of the year; all participants can enter, regardless of how many bingos they get.

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