Book Adaptations Reading Challenge


I love movie and TV adaptations of books, so I had to make a challenge featuring them. You probably already know that from my period drama posts. I love to compare books to their adaptations. šŸ˜€

I chose two classics and two more contemporary reads. I should probably have made the effort to watch the movies as well, but I didnā€™t have the time. so I concentrated on reading the books. Too bad this crop didn’t appeal to me as much, with the exception of my favourite – Cloud Atlas. I actually reread it, paying special attention to details and little foreshadowing moments.

Hannibal ended on a very disturbing note that left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m rather hesitant to read the next book now. But the TV series definitely used everything grotesque – I watched that one selectively, so I was spared the worst of it, I think. The book gets inside your head very gradually, tantalising you with a possible win for the ‘good’ guys then yanks the rug from udner your feet. So, read with care.

tv adap_1


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