Read Your Bookshelf Reading Challenge – FINISHED


Well, I’ve read lots of books this month, just not all on my list for this challenge. I concentrated on library books since I had to catch up to the return date, but I did finish several books from my bookshelves. I just wasn’t as inspired to read longer books, which do comprise a large portion of my collection. I’ve read 4 books from my shelf – 3 from my list. So I haven’t finished my challenge this month. *winces* Can I cheat a bit and change one book on the list? No? Have to stick to the rules, I know…


The books I finished are:

I didn’t find a new favourite among them; in fact the average rating is around 3.5 stars. They weren’t bad books but they weren’t exactly brilliant either. I either found them predictable, the characters extremely boring or scatterbrained, or the writing style just not to my taste. If I don’t like a character or feel much sympathy for them that is one star deduction right there, the other for style and the 3 star rating is already achieved.

I hope to post reviews for all of these books soon but I’m getting swamped with my study work, so I may even go on a smaller hiatus or just post in a cluster once I get more time again (you’ve no doubt noticed this habit of mine – I’ll try to schedule more posts, so this doesn’t happen so often). Sometimes I just have to get away from the computer and decompress outside now that spring has come, so no promises.

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