Love Your Pet Day


We only have one pet right now in our family – tomcat Olly (or Olivero, if he’s acting really crazy, bursting with energy, being a super dorky playful young cat). He’s a large cat with long, strong legs, and extra large tail; the long fur adds a few centimetres to his girth as well. He does eat a lot but he’s not overweight at all – he spends so much time outside, hunting, frolicking, or just patrolling his territory that he burns through those calories like nothing.

He’s a great jumper – he leaps on my table like it’s nothing, his soft paws making him completely silent at landing. He’s scared the shit out of me a couple of times by doing this. 🙂 But he’s such a darling otherwise. He even sleeps under my table in his big basket. In fact he’s got three baskets to choose from – one in my room, one in my sister’s, and one in the living room. But give him a cardboard box and he’ll sleep in it even if it’s outside the house in the cold. He’s just crazy about paper. My sis had to cover her art projects because he’d hop on the table where she was working to curl up on the paper. He just loves to be near us; should you leave the room for a longer time when he wants you to be around and he’ll come crying after you. He’s not as chatty as our old tom was, but he can get pretty loud. Oh, and he’s got this super penetrating look with his green but he’s really a darling.

olly_2He’s one of those gentle giants. He doesn’t use his claws when you play with him and he’s pawing after an object. He also doesn’t fear people who come to visit – the delivery men know to look out for him in the summer because he’ll come to inspect their vans. He’s not as good in getting his paws everywhere as his brother Binki, much to our relief, but he’s still a very curious cat. (Sadly Binki was killed by the neighbour’s German shepherd in August 2015; not that they actually had the guts to admit it but we do have ears and my mother heard them discussing it, so yeah. *will remain super mad at their stupid dog for killing one of the best cats we ever had*)

We’re very conscious of Olly because of this whole tragedy and my sister doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of having another kitten as long as that dog is still alive and let loose in the neighbourhood. But we would like to adopt another cat – Olly would enjoy having a playmate. We’re used to having at least two pets in the house. Luckily, the neighbour’s cat is regularly sleeping on our veranda, so my sister will play with him and we regularly give him some scraps of food, or what Olly doesn’t want to eat – spoiled cat that he is.

But even if he’s all polite and well-mannered in the house, let Olly loose outside and he’ll bag a mouse in a couple of minutes. It’s like magic – he just sits in the tall grass for a moment then strikes with a paw and get his prey. Can’t beat nature, I guess. *shrugs* Cats are predators and this is normal behaviour for them. I’m not one of those people pretending pets are like children or even human. They certainly have their own personalities but instincts drive them a lot of the time. Olly is a very proficient hunter of rodents but not birds, which is a relief to me. The rodent population seems to be on the rise since the old orchard was cut down and the huge grassland is left more or less in peace. We’ve got birds of prey living here now, lots of rabbits, even an occasional fox on our veranda, and we’re not even 10 minutes on foot from the centre of the town. So it is a good thing to have cats around – our cellar doesn’t need mice.

So, I love this big furball. He can come to my room and demand belly rubs any time. 😀  I won’t feed him at 3 am because that is just crazy and fostering bad habits, but I will get out of my bed to let him go outside. I’m nice like that and my sleeping patterns adjust easily to disruptions.


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