Blog discussion challenge -LET’S TALK SHELVES – HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE THEM?


I’m participating in a book and reading oriented discussion challenge hosted by Nicole @ Fed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ Starts at Midnight.


Topic of 16th February

I have very little shelf space in my room so I’ve had to find some way to stack as many books as possible on one shelf. I have 3 small shelves behind a glass panel, one beside it and another long shelf that is rather small in height and therefore designated to smaller books. That’s it – two other shelves where I could store books are filled with binders.

I organize my books by size and colour, if possible. Books I’ve read are in the back since I double-stack them, and the ones I’ve yet to read in the front at the top of the stack. I keep non-fiction separate from fiction – non-fiction has only one shelf and the rest are all fiction books since I love and consequently buy more novels than non-fiction books. I stack hardbacks together on lower shelves and paperbacks higher up. Some books are upright other are stacked horizontally. It’s a mess that’s driving me crazy and forcing me to restack every six months or so.


I really need to find more space because this is turning into a serious problem ever since I’ve brought books from my student’s apartment back home (and I still have one large shelf filed with books there). I also keep some of my books in the large bookshelf where other family books are kept (about 8 metres of space I’d say). Since those are spilling over, my mother hopes I don’t buy more physical books. I’ll try but I promise nothing. Fortunately, my local library is getting better with newer titles and more English books, so I go there for my reads a bit more than in the past. I just have to get better with return dates. As for saving physical space: e-books are the way to go.

I know lots of book bloggers receive physical ARCs – I’m not one of them. I don’t apply for ARCs; firstly because I don’t wish to be held down by a schedule, and secondly because a lot of publishers don’t ship to Slovenia anyway, so why bother. If it were otherwise I’d have books in crates by now, I bet. 😀



A book buying moratorium is not a bad thing per se – I’m saving some money since it’s not hard to find discounts on e-books. Still, when I see shelves of fellow book bloggers, the book envy twinges get stronger. I NEED another bookshelf – desperately. Maybe donating old clothes I don’t wear anymore can help here… Hm…new idea! But seriously guys and gals, how do you do it? I’d store books in a box under my bed but that would defeat the purpose of having a personal library in your room. Books are to be adored, not hidden away.


Photo by the-ebook-reader blog

As for my virtual e-book shelves – I manage everything with Calibre. I don’t need to delve into actual folders and organize them manually since that turns tedious really fast. With Calibre my books are organized by the program and easily found by title or author, even tags. I also have greater overview of the books on my e-reader and can transfer then with a click, change the format, adjust the size, spacing… it’s a really net program that you can get for free. I recommend it to all fellow readers.

How do you organize your shelves? Any tricks I should know about? Let me know or share your book stacking woes. 😀


3 responses to “Blog discussion challenge -LET’S TALK SHELVES – HOW DO YOU ORGANIZE THEM?

  1. Oh, organizing bookshelves, such a wonderful problem, haha 😀
    I moved last year and now I have so many shelves that some of them are still empty. Which is wonderful, because now I don’t have to worry where to put new books.
    I don’t arrange my books by color. I never liked that. But I did arrange books by language – I have shelves with Slovenian editions and shelves with books in English. They are arranged by size and I have some shelves just for older books – because they look used I put them on lower shelves.
    But every now and then I still have to rearrange them. It’s just fun and something that relaxes me and I enjoy in it 😀
    I also use Libib app, which is basically an app for organizing books. In that way, I know exactly which books I have at my parents house, which I have at my new home and which on Kindle. And that’s all I need.

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  3. This is every booklover’s eternal problem – how to organize all those books! I don’t think we’ll ever come up with real solutions … besides just buying more and more bookshelves. LOL!
    I’ll have to check out Calibre – seems like it would be mighty useful!!

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