Love for Books Readathon – finished


A reading marathon hosted by Jessi @ NOVEL Heartbeat

This is my wrap-up post for the readathon week and I must say it was a fantastic experience. I can only top it if I participate in a read-along and actively tweet or post my comments about the book (not likely since I’m not a huge fan of spoilers and actively avoid them nowadays). Here is my progress report but you can jump to the Summary for general information about the amount of pages I read and my thoughts about the books.

Monday, 8th February

Currently reading: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
Pages read today: 128
Comments: I’m listening to the audiobook while doing other menial work and it’s delicious, thrilling, and all the first book was. I love it and I hope to slowly finish it by the end of the week. I’ve calculated the pages read based on the number of tracks I’ve listened to and I think it is a fair estimate.

Currently reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Pages read today: 115
Comments: I’ve started this one when I couldn’t listen to King’s book. I like it and it may turn out to be my favourite Steinbeck novel. I do hope we get better female characters along the line because I’m not impressed with the ones we get to see up to this chapter. I do like Adam and Samuel, so please don’t torture them too much.

Currently reading: Dystopian Impulse in Modern Literature by Keith M. Booker
Pages read today: 30
Comments: One of the books I have to read for my MA thesis in English, or at least skim through to get a feeling for where I can find more literature and themes for further study.

Tuesday, 9th February

Currently reading: Doctor Sleep
Pages read today: 164
Comments: Love this book so much! 😀

Currently reading: Morning Star (#3 Red Rising) by Pierce Brown
Pages read today: 120
Comments: I’ve been waiting for this book one long year so I couldn’t resist when it was finally released. It’s amazing as well, although I have no idea how it will all end – it can go either way.

Wednesday, 10th February

Currently reading: Doctor Sleep
Pages read today: 223
Comments: Only a few pages left now but I was too sleepy to finish off the book.

Currently reading: Morning Star
Pages read today: 99
Comments: Amazing, the events just spiral out of control here.

Thursday, 11th February

Currently reading: Morning Star
Pages read today: 100
Comments: OMG, this book is killing me!

Books completed today: Doctor Sleep
Comments: Great book – I loved it even better than the prequel. I think the books King writes in the last few years are more to my taste than his earlier work.

Friday, 12th February

Currently reading: The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett
Pages read today: 100
Comments: I need to switch to shorter books or I’ll be off my goal by a large margin. I think this book from my 1001-books reading challenge will do quite nicely.

Books completed today: Morning Star
Pages read today: 224
Comments: What a fantastic end to a series!

Saturday, 13th February

Books completed today: The Maltese Falcon
Pages read today: 117
Comments: A good book but nothing special.

Sunday, 14th February

Books completed today: Candide by Voltaire
Pages read today: 90
Comments: Another read that did not fascinate me as much as it should. I’ve read better satirical texts in the past, the most recent one being Catch 22.

Currently reading: Dystopian Impulse in Modern Literature
Pages read today: 104
Comments: I won’t be able to finish this one on time – I’m only about 40 pages short, but I don’t mind.

readathon book_3


Total # pages read: 1631
Books I completed: Doctor Sleep, Morning Star, The Maltese Falcon, Candide

Comment: Wow, I was a reading beast even without finishing my goal. I had no idea I managed to read 1631 pages in a week. I had other obligations so I didn’t finish the last book or the rahte long East of Eden (I knew I started off with too large books, but that’s how it is sometimes). It is clear my reading motivation ebbs – I’m usually stuck at the 20% mark and it takes some kicking in the back to finish a book. No wonder I’m reading multiple books at the same time – I’m almost unable to commit to one story. Is this becoming a bad habit? Maybe, but there’s never a dull moment in my life.

I really liked this readathon and the close monitoring of my progress. It’s fun to do this once in a while but I certainly couldn’t keep up with it every day. I’m going to participate again next year or find a few other readathons in the summer to do as well. 😀

The books I liked the most were Doctor Sleep and Morning Star – both are fantastic sequels and I can’t praise them enough. I’m especially glad I did not postpone my reading of Morning Star because I needed a book like this, a conclusion to a trilogy like this. I hope Pierce Brown starts writing a new series and that the gods smile down on him so he can wow us again. 😀

How did you do in this readathon? Some people managed to reach their goals but i’d love to learn more from you as well.


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