LOVE FOR BOOKS READATHON – progress report


A reading marathon hosted by Jessi @ NOVEL Heartbeat

My progress update for the past two days is here. I’m doing fine, I believe but I haven’t finished a book yet. Perhaps that is due to the long length of them. It’s ok – there’s still time.

readathon book_1

Monday, 8th February
Currently reading: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
Pages read today: 128
Comments: I’m listening to the audiobook while doing other menial work and it’s delicious, thrilling, and all the first book was. I love it and I hope to slowly finish it by the end of the week. I’ve calculated the pages read based on the number of tracks I’ve listened to and I think it is a fair estimate.

Currently reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Pages read today: 115
Comments: I’ve started this one when I couldn’t listen to King’s book. I like it and it may turn out to be my favourite Steinbeck novel. I do hope we get better female characters along the line because I’m not impressed with the ones we get to see up to this chapter. I do like Adam and Samuel, so please don’t torture them too much.

Currently reading: Dystopian Impulse in Modern Literature by Keith M. Booker
Pages read today: 30
Comments: One of the books I have to read for my MA thesis in English, or at least skim through to get a feeling for where I can find more literature and themes for further study.

readathon book_2

Tuesday, 9th February
Currently reading: Doctor Sleep
Pages read today: 164
Comments: Love this book so much! It has moved towards a scary thriller now. Please don’t let anyhting happen to the girl.

Currently reading: Morning Star (#3 Red Rising) by Pierce Brown
Pages read today: 120
Comments: I’ve been waiting for this book one long year so I couldn’t resist when it was finally released. It’s amazing as well, although I have no idea how it will all end – it can go either way.

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