Love for Books Readathon


A reading marathon hosted by Jessi @ NOVEL Heartbeat

This is the first readathon I’m participating in. 😀 I’m excited and slightly panicked – I have no idea which titles to choose and what is the right number of books to go for in a week. I’ve had a serious reading slump in January that I’m now recovering from by reading higher rated books – perhaps this challenge may restore my desire for books?

What is especially wonderful about this readathon; I can pick any book I want and they will count. Excellent.  This should motivate me to tackle the dreaded pile of books I need to read for my MA theses. (Yes, you read right – plural. The curse of a double major. Maybe I’ll open those books – I’ve been in serious avoidance mode for the past two weeks.) Or maybe I’ll go for shorter titles rather than the behemoths I’ve developed a liking for last year.

Concentrating my reading in one week is the best way to push forward with my reading challenges though. There’s nothing interesting on TV in the evenings anyway, so I might as well read while my family dozes off on the sofa.

I challenge myself to read 5 books. 😀 Keep your fingers crossed that I make it – I’ll keep you updated on my progress daily.



4 responses to “Love for Books Readathon

    • It’s amazing what a free license to read can do to a bookaholic. 😀
      I’ve managed to pry open one book and will definitely finish it by the end of the week, (if only to silence my guilty conscience).

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