Chinese New Year 2016


Happy new year for all people celebrating it in Asia and the rest of the world!

Everywhere I look posts are filled with wonderful predictions about the Year of the Monkey – it is supposed to be especially fortunate and exciting for everyone. Sounds marvellous and just what the world needs. I hope you’ve eaten your fill and are happily enjoying time with family. And good luck to all of you!

I do hope this year proves to be a lucky one for me (finishing my MA), so I’m prepared to usher in the lunar New Year in style. I have a papercut charm with the character Fú (good luck or fortune) on my room door, as is only appropriate. 😀 We even had fish as is traditional in China – my mother is a mind reader or psychic, it is just uncanny. I’m the only one in my family who’s even remotely familiar with common Asian cultural practices and that stems mostly from my love for their entertainment – Korean dramas in particular. So I educate myself on their culture and everyday lives; now I’m borrowing some of their practices.fu3

According to old superstitions from China I must not wash my hair in the next few days or clean out my room. Shouldn’t be a biggie, but what I like the most is the general rule to be happy in the next few days and just enjoy the food and time with your family. Family is important and going along with everyone should be an everyday thing to do. 😀 Now I’m off to hang out with them in the living room.


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