BLOG DISCUSSION CHALLENGE – How my reading habits changed


I’m participating in a book and reading oriented discussion challenge hosted by Nicole @ Fed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ Starts at Midnight.


Topic of 2nd February

Before joining Goodreads, I did not read as many books simply because I had no idea so many new titles that fit my tastes were published, and I was concentrating more on my study materials. But having the power of internet and reviews at my hands, I found a way to read more books that I really like rather than go for a hit or miss system at the library. (Judging books on their cover and blurb isn’t a very reliable method of weeding out the bad stuff.) Of course, going to the library for translated titles also became easier once I knew what to look for in the electronic system. Blogging and goodreads changed my reading habits in significant ways.

Participating in reading challenges is another major change in my habits – they narrow down my choices but not so much that I don’t have a wide variety of books to choose from. If anything, they help to keep my growing TBR list in line (if just barely). But yes, I’m encouraged to finish the book series I start in a timely manner because so many titles fit reading challenges’ categories. 😀

Goodreads and other book bloggers keep me updated on any new releases, so I’m following the trends and discovering new exciting books almost every day. I have a separate bookshelf on Goodreads just for new releases and I’m now regularly reading them. I’d say at least one new release a month. I’m also reading books that haven’t yet reached my own country, haven’t been translated, or just aren’t available at the local library… 😀

Owning an e-reader gives me so much freedom – I literally have hundreds of books at my hands wherever I go so I read more as a consequence. I’m also more likely to read several books at the same time, or at least starting several of them and then finishing the one that I like the ebst at the moment. It may sound crazy, but I do read more books at the same time now.

I’m paying more attention to different genres and also read books that are out of my comfort zone – classics that deal with war, 20th century classics, psychological thrillers, horror stories… I also used to read in my mother tongue – Slovene – until I tried my hand at English classics and YA when I began studying English. Now I read almost exclusively in English which is a shame since we have quite a number of good writers; the problem is they aren’t promoted nearly enough.

I’m also pickier about books – I read reviews of my friends or just peek at their ratings before I decide to read the book in question. As I already said, I used to judge books based on their summaries or covers (yes, I’m that shallow when faced with a beautiful cover), which is not such a great idea. Some awful books have amazing blurbs and summaries that in no way reflect the content… but that’s a subject for a different post.

I also read more in bed – 1 hour or so before falling asleep. I have a light by my bed that I can adjust easily (for physical books) and a back-lighted e-reader for my e-books. Needless to say I usually prefer the e-reader since it’s easier to hold and turn pages with one hand. Believe me, the one-hand-method is darn important in winter. There’s a huge difference between one of your hands slightly freezing or two of them. The only problem I’ve yet to satisfactorily solve is how to keep bugs out of my room during the hot summer nights. Lights and an open balcony door just don’t mix that well.

That’s it – I hope I highlihgted everything that changed in my reading habits since I started my blog and joined Goodreads. 😀


5 responses to “BLOG DISCUSSION CHALLENGE – How my reading habits changed

  1. I’m going in the opposite direction and actually deleted my goodreads account a few months ago, because I felt like it was starting to control how I read, instead of me having the freedom to pick books because the cover/back blurb caught my eye. This year I’m focusing on being a free range reader, and just reading whatever catches my whim 🙂 But, finding what works for you is the important thing!

    -found your post through the discussion link-up and now a follower through bloglovin 🙂

    • Goodreads is a tricky site to navigate – I learned the lesson with an ever expanding TBR pile a few years ago and now regularly purge books I’ve lost interest in. I also don’t add new titles if I’m not 100% sure I’m going to like them. I just don’t feel any pressure or obligation to read all the books on this long list – it’s just a neat way to keep a list of interesting titles and be informed of boks that really hit the collective taste buds. 😉

      I like your blog and your focus on discussions. 🙂 I confess, I’m not a great review reader as well. I only read reviews for books that I’m not sure are to my taste or for newer releases (or if a particular book annoyed me – the rants can be surprisingly delicious and funny). I love libraries but I’m always struggling with return dates – late fees are my silent contribution to their budget and newer books.

  2. My reading habits completed changed once I began blogging and discovered the whole book blogger world too. I now have similar habits that you listed in this post. This year I’m trying not to get caught up in new book hype and catch up classics and older books I haven’t had a chance to read. What are some great books you’ve discovered through your new reading habits?

    • The 1001-books reading challenge has prompted me to read books I’d never open otherwise (classics form the 20th century). Some books and authors are a hit or miss as it happens, but I’ve discovered some amazing reads by going through the titles. I’ve thus discovered John Steinbeck – love his characterization. But books I’d recommend would be these (most are historical fiction or classics):
      – The Poisonwood Bible
      – Alamut
      – Cryptonomicon
      – Tess of the d’Urbervilles
      – The Name of the Rose
      – North and South
      – Bleak House
      – The Nightingale

      I hope you find a book that catches your interest among them. 😀

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