I’m participating in a book and reading oriented discussion challenge hosted by Nicole @ Fed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ Starts at Midnight. Each month you are given three topics to talk about to get your creative juices going, but you are free to explore any discussion topics you like. I’ve found the discussion challenge too late to participate last year but now I hope to tackle some of the topics they suggested. Partly because I like them and believe my readers will enjoy the posts, and partly because I hope to learn more about my reading and blogging habits.

 The challenge has the following levels:

  • 1-12 posts Discussion Dabbler
  • 13-24 posts Creative Conversationalist
  • 25-36 posts Chatty Kathy
  • 37-48 posts Terrifically Talkative
  • 49+ posts Gift of the Gab

I’m going for the second level – Creative Conversationalist – since I think I’ll manage to write a more detailed post biweekly without feeling the pressure. Enjoying challenges and blogging is my goal in doing them, not to perceive them as chores, so expect a discussion post every second Tuesday. 😀



The topic of January 5th

I think I’ve detailed my reading goals for the year in this post – 2016 Reading Challenges – so I won’t go into detail again. A short summary: I hope to read 100 books and complete 12 reading challenges. *headdesk*

My blogging resolutions however are more modest. I hope to produce 3 posts a week, which totals 160 posts in a year. Certainly doable if I pace myself and far more kind on my followers since I’ll post only relevant things that you may find informative about books or me. I also believe this schedule will allow me enough time to complete my study obligations, enjoy my social life, and not encroach on my limited reading time. 😀 I don’t want blogging to take over my life or feel repetitive in any way. The last category being the reason why I don’t do book tags after a few months of struggling with them. (I don’t like to chose favourites among my books – it is just wrong.)

So my blogging week will offer you a mix of these types of posts:

  • Book review
  • Book blog discussion post
  • Reading challenge post
  • Movie/series review
  • Movie/series anticipation post
  • Theme of the month post
  • Personal post


    • I love to make plans and I feel great when I complete at least 80% of them. I’ve learned to temper my expectations – I know I probably won’t complete everything I plan out in my day and it’s always nice to have a day where you just go with the flow. Blogging does help to give your day a little more structure though – I usually have it in hand until I suddenly don’t (usually during summer).

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