Reading challenges in 2015

This year I was very successful in fulfilling my reading goals. I’ve completed almost all of my reading challenges, partially because I prepared for them better, and partially because I just read a lot more in the evenings instead of watching TV. It’s amazing just how much time you actually dedicate do reading if you give an hour or two to books before falling asleep. 😀

I’ve also read more newly published books (15 in total), something I intend to do in 2016 as well. E-books make it so easy to get the newest releases, but I love it when I get my hands on discounted books. I just wish Amazon would stop with their solo act and step up on the epub wagon – I’m not buying a Kindle just to read away from my computer or on the small screen of my smart-phone.  Nope – not happening.

So, I’ve reached my goal of reading 100 books, even surpassing it by 8 books. 😀 Here’s my year in books provided by Goodreads (link). I’m really proud that I managed to read so many books but I’ve also realized I should probably read more non-fiction books in the future, and finish the numerous series I read (it’s gotten slightly out of hand lately).

As for my reading challenges – here are the tables (the first one with links to my reviews). I also wrapped up the 2015 Popsugar reading challenge – this one was challenging but I’m doing it again in 2016. (I’m totally crazy like that) Thankfully I’m good at sniffing out books that fit several reading challenges, so there’s always overlap and the overwhelming number of books shrinks down to manageable. 😀

1001-books reading challenge – year 2015
The Bell Jar Cryptonomicon I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings A Clockwork Orange
What Maisie Knew Grapes of Wrath The Scarlet Letter Les Liaisons Dangereuses
The Count of Monte Cristo Shirley Hard Times Nicholas Nickleby
Slaughterhouse-Five 1984 Remains of the Day Lord of the Flies
Far From the Madding Crowd Dracula The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The Shining
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Cannery Row The Color Purple Beloved
Life of Pi      


I really like the Dystopia Reading Challenge that was started by a fellow reader from Slovenia and is now moderated by Cornerfolds.

Dystopia Reading Challenge 2015
Uglies (#1) Oryx and Crake (#1) Red Rising (#1) Golden Son (#2)
Glass Arrow Fahrenheit 451 The Infinite Sea A Clockwork Orange
Pretties (#2) Across the Universe (#1) Cress (#3) Shatter Me (#1)
An Ember in the Ashes (#1) Snow Like Ashes (#1) 1984 The Young Elites (#1)
The Maze Runner (#1) Lord of the Flies Red Queen (#1) Noughts & Crosses (#1)
The Scorch Trials (#2) The Death Cure (#3) Shadow and Bone (#1) Winter (#4)


I liked this challenge and I’m doing it again in 2016. 😀

Banned Books Reading Challenge 2015
Fahrenheit 451 The Bell Jar I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings A Clockwork Orange
Grapes of Wrath Scarlett Letter Les Liaisons Dangereuses Slaughterhouse-Five
The Crucible 1984 Flowers for Algernon Lord of the Flies
Noughts & Crosses One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest The Color Purple  

2015 Chunkster Challenge 2

Chunkster Reading Challenge 2015 (+450 pages)
Blood of Olympus A Discovery of Witches (#1) Cryptonomicon Golden Son
American Gods Voyager (#2) Casual Vacancy Wolf Hall
Drums of Autumn (#3) Me Before You Born of Night Grapes of Wrath
The Lies of Locke Lamora (#1) Cress (#3) Shirley Shadow of Night (#2)
Book of Life (#3) Body Double Count of Monte Cristo The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Nicholas Nickleby Nightmares and Dreamscapes The Shining (#1) Noughts & Crosses
Winter (#4)      

What about the ratings? According to Goodreads that doesn’t allow half-star ratings, the breakdown goes like this:

  • 5 stars – 30 books
  • 4 stars – 42 books
  • 3 stars – 29 books
  • 2 stars – 5 books
  • 1 star – 2 books

I’m picky about my reads, so my ratings are always skewed towards the top and 2 and 1 stars is rarely given unless I had serious trouble with both the writing and characters. I’m a member of the Goodreads crowd precisely to avoid books like that and having the option to rely on the opinion of trusted reviewers is what I like about the site the most. Yes, there are issues with the site but I like varying opinions.

How did you do with your reading in 2015?

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