Small things to brighten my day – PERSONAL PLANNER

As it happens when you browse the net for one thing or the other – in my case for free bookish printables – I stumbled upon something that instantly sparked my interest. It was personal planners like Filofax. There are so many systems to chose from and the prices vary from the super expensive genuine leather binders to the more affordable faux-leather ones. I admit, I fell in love with Kikki K. planners – seriously, the pretty on their site is just mind-blowing and I want to own one of their planners so much! Unfortunately their international orders are just ridiculously expensive – the binder itself is not on the cheap side to begin with, but add shipping from China and import tax and it just turns into a nightmare for my student’s budget. But yeah, shall I ever see them in stores I’ll grab one right up. The same goes for Simple Stories Carpe Diem planners – so lovely! (picture on the left above)


The super large Akta binder system I use for school notes.

Now, I already own a large binder for A4 size inserts from a Slovene company called Akta that I use for my college classes. I got it for a super reduced price since it’s from a discontinued line, so it cost about 30-40€ with inserts included, if I remember correctly. I just love the adjustability of the system and the elegant look. It has served me well for over 8 years and it still looks pristine. But in the past year I’ve been drawn to smaller sizes and colourful insert papers.

So I used A5 sized paper to keep track of my reading challenges, to make lists of movies and series I intend to watch, and plan out my blogging. To keep everything nominally organized I keep them in plastic envelopes but I tired of shuffling everything and hoped to find a binder system that would suit me. When I saw personal planners and the printable templates for inserts, I just had to have a binder in A5 or large size. I could have gone with a personal planner form the Akta line but none of them appealed to me and they were around 40-50€ as well.


Enter some serious google-fu and I found a lovely alternative for the Kikki K. planner – the Love Doki planners. (first picture of the post on the right) Many satisfied reviews later (thank you YouTube and fellow bloggers) I decided to get one myself. To get around the import tax, I had to find a seller inside the EU and I found it on Etsy – LovedbyGaby. (Link to my planner.) I received my planner less than a week after I placed the order, in original packaging and top notch condition. 😀 Now I only had to fill it up.

I turned to free printables for dividers and anything pretty that I could legally use to design my own planner. I found beautiful flower quotes here (PlumPrettySugar 01, 02, 03), other quotes (Lostbumblebee – an amazing blog with hundreds of free pritnables) and free graphic paper here. Thank you! I printed them on A4 cardstock on both sides and cut them in half. I’m thinking of laminating them but there’s still time to do that later.


I created my own monthly and weekly planner inserts in Microsoft Word then printed them out. There was some shuffling and adjustments for two-sided printing but in the end there were no mishaps and I’m super satisfied with my own printables. Perhaps I’ll look into thicker paper but they don’t look bad. I’ve decided to go for a very basic look that I can play with – washi tape and different prints should make a nice combination and retain high readability. I’m still figuring it out and how much of space I really need to write things down. I also use a separate monthly calendar to plan out my blogging – I got them at Pearodie blog calendars. (picture above)  Thank you!

I’ve already prepared my reading challenges lists and some general notes. (picture below) I also need a better way to keep an eye on my expenses, so a list of my purchases goes in as well. That’s it for now but I think my planner will explode after I add in my notes for blog posts and movie reviews. I have a separate notebook for book reviews or it will just go out of hand. 😀 I’m still experimenting with book journals to keep track of my thoughts about books as I read them but I’m not very consistent. Nonetheless, the lure of writing a book journal is too big to resist and I hope to start a new hobby/habit in 2016.

Do you own a personal planner? Do you keep a reading journal and what is your experience?


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