Welcome Winter


It’s the first day of winter and holiday season. 😀 I love white winter after the first day of chaos on the roads. When the snow has settled and the entire landscape is covered with it in a pristine blanket it is so beautiful. The crispy air combined with the silence that falls over the landscape makes for truly magical moments. I love such moments in the morning but they most often happen in January and not in December when winter usually starts. Holiday decoration and lights look even better on a white background even though snowed in paths are a pain in the neck. Short days though are not something I like – pitch dark at 5 o’clock is not cool. Yet to have the option to snuggle up with a book and a pot of tea is a bonus.

Winter solstice is a time all civilisations celebrated in some way but most often it was perceived as a time of great danger since night has the dominance over the day. A lot of rituals connected with fire and light are connected with this time – it was usually one great party to get the year going again. A lot of animals were slaughtered in the time before in preparation to the vegetation-lean months – so there was suddenly a lot of meat available as well as wine and other alcoholic beverages. This calls for a last hurrah before spring and the fasting. In Europe the Roman Saturnalias were later transformed into Christmas. The Christmas tree, the Christmas wreath, the Yule log, and others are just some of the pagan traditions absorbed in the creation of today’s holiday season. Yule is a pagan twelve-day “midwinter” holiday.


I think we certainly stretched this period a little when considering the bombardment about Christmas shopping and other holidays connected with gifts and food in this time. No wonder people complain about weight gain in winter. 😀 I don’t mind eating a few sweets extra at Christmas but it is no good to go overboard. I do like to drink my fair share of tea – I’ve missed it during summer but now I’m just enjoying any opportunity to indulge.

So what do you like about winter?



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