International Short Story Day

This day is here to celebrate the short form on one of the shortest days of the year. While I enjoy big books and just love a long journey with new characters, there’s a certain charm and quality in short stories. We used to read a lot of them in elementary school since they are a great way to practice reading in general, but we soon abandoned the short form for heftier books. It is a shame and I decided to remedy that by reading more short stories in 2016 – it is certainly one of my reading resolutions.

The upper limit for a short story is at about 20,000 words, which gives an author plenty of freedom to explore an idea, which is something I found out by reading Stephen King’s collection of short stories but also by exploring the world of John Steinbeck. I’ve developed an appetite for novellas from the fantasy series I read. I believe there’s a growing trend for authors to publish tie-in novellas or I’m just now catching up to the usual publishing practices. Either way, I’m glad to have a story handy that I can finish in the minimum amount of time for those days when I’m just not motivated for a long read or still under the influence of my previous read.


Now, people from the net inform me this day should be celebrated by letting your own ideas develop into a short story. They encourage everyone to write. I personally have no energy for any writing projects right now so I’ll settle for a reread of a short story. Perhaps in the spirit of Christmas I can dig up a holiday themed one – I should be more original that Dickens’ Christmas Tale, but an oldie is a goodie, as some say, therefore I won’t rule it out.

Have you read short stories by famous novelists like Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, or Alice Munro? Anthologies can be a great place to find themed short stories as well, so enjoy one in the spirit of celebration and don’t neglect this literary form throughout the year. 😀


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