Christmas Decorations


We’ve started to decorate our house for the holidays. 😀 I love this time of the year, the festive lights, the numerous decorations and the entire spirit of celebration. December is magical at night and I always enjoy a stroll through town. The window displays offer a truly tempting variety of gifts and sweets so it’s a good idea to leave the wallet at home lest you are seduced into purchasing them all. Just taking in the displays can be enough to immediately feel better, to enjoy the season. The pictures here are from Ljubljana, Slovenia but my small hometown did well with more low-key decoration as well.

We can’t be outdone by the shops though – our house needs some of that festive atmosphere as well. As is now the custom I’m the one to prepare a Christmas wreath for our front door – I just love to fiddle with greenery and I always had a thing for wreaths. My Pinterest board is getting quite large with new ideas for wreaths in any season this year. 😀


I used branches from our spruce tree for the Christmas wreath – a few snips here and there barely made a dent in the foliage. 😀 After fiddling with branches and wire for half an hour or so I had a nice base to add other decoration. I reused some old pieces (red berries, a golden bell, and gold balls) and supplemented them with new items – frosted pine cones and mushrooms. 😀 I just love miniature decorations – they are super cute. A large cloth bow in red is the finishing element and an eye-catcher. Now going out the door for our daily walk will be a delight. 😀

Christmas wreath_1

Mum and sis made their own decoration with a glass bowl, Christmas tree hangings, and white-painted branches. It’s a nice touch for the living room but it is only the first of the decorations. 🙂 My sister is quite busy making paper snowflakes to hang in the windows of our dining room – the more transparent paper looks amazing when the light shines through. I hope to add a touch of the season to my room as well – so far I’ve decorated my candlelight holder but I think a nice framed print with a seasonal theme might be better. I’ll keep you posted about new ideas.

How did you decorate your room?


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