Album Review – Adele 25


I eagerly awaited the release of Adele’s new album on 20th November. I purchased it immediately in the morning when it was made available and I don’t regret a cent. The songs have enough of her sound to evoke the feelings from her superb album 21, but she changed and evolved as a musician. I like it, the change is organic and believable. There is a more uplifting feeling to the album and a central theme of healing and reconciliation. She also has a lot to say about the passing of time, the realisation that we are all getting older – this resonates with me.

Adele is just as cheeky and funny as before but there’s a new maturity about her. I loved the video where she went undercover among her fans and surprised them with a great rendition of her signature song. The expressions on those women’s faces! 😀

My favourite songs that I listen to on at least once a day are:

  • Water under the Bridge (favourite song [4.12. edit])
  • Send My Love (to Your New Lover)
  • Remedy
  • Love in the Dark
  • Hello

What are your favourite songs of Adele’s?


2 responses to “Album Review – Adele 25

  1. Her album is on my Christmas Wish List. But I’ve already bought the song “Hello” from iTunes. And I’ve been watching a lot of her newest music videos on YouTube.

    I love Hello, but I think “Water Under the Bridge” is my favorite.

    • Oh yes! How could I forget to include it!? *never post when you are sleepy again* Thanks for reminding me – this one is amazing and my favourite as well. 😀

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