Award Winners Reading Challenge


It is time for my new monthly reading challenge! 😀 December will be focused on award winning novels in a nod to the Goodreads Choice Awards. I can’t wait to see the results as they will determine a good chunk of my reading next year – I usually plan to read 20 books for my GCAC, which may include books from the series a winner is from, so there’s lots of choice since I haven’t caught up to past winners yet. I’m not in a hurry though.

December is also a month of contemplation, so a focus on novels that captured the hearts and minds of my fellow readers around the world is quite appropriate. There are lots of books and awards to choose from. I gravitate to the big prizes – the Man Booker Prize, the Nebula, the Pulitzer… but I’m not attached to a particular prize. I’ve decided to choose books that are already in my large TBR pile, so there aren’t any current award winners in my list but I promise I’ll get to them next year.

My choice of six books for this month is:

Have you read a book that got a prize this year? Please share and help me compile a list of books I must read next year.

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