Small Books Reading Challenge – finished


It proved to be a very smart idea to focus on shorter books in November. 😀 I couldn’t give up on reading despite NaNoWriMo – reading is just too much of a habit for me these days and having something to take my mind away is a balm, especially when family events proved to be too much for me emotionally. I’m also very satisfied with the choice of diverse genres for my reading challenges – this is far more up my alley than strictly reading one genre for a month. But even shorter books take a lot of time when you’ve got other things to do, so perhaps I’ll find books up to 300 pages in length.

I’ve managed to read all six of the books I’ve set down for my challenge and even write reviews for five of them. I can give up on television but not reading or writing. 🙂 I’m constantly surprising myself these days – it’s like I’m on a roll. Once you get the hang of writing lots of things, you find new stuff to write about.

small books_1

Here are the links to my reviews for those who didn’t follow my blog closely:

  • The Scorch Trials – review
  • The Death Cure – review
  • One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest – review
  • I Am Malala – review
  • Cannery Row – no review yet

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