I Love to Write Day and NaNoWriMo

I Love to Write Day was founded by author John Riddle, a non-fiction and self-help writer. As with the spirit of NaNoWriMo, his aim is to get people to write – but for this day anything goes. The length and format of your writing is not set down, so you don’t need to have a novel in your head to participate. Although challenges are a nice way of celebrating it each year, it is not a necessary part of the celebration.

The I Love to Write Day is intended to be celebrated in a circle of friends or other fellow writers, so hosting a party where everyone is challenged to produce a particular written product is a great idea. Maybe a poem writing day or a letter writing day? Anything goes.


As for NaNoWriMo participants – writing a chapter or a specific scene can be a way to jumpstart your creative juices. I admit my own are somewhat depleted (I haven’t reached my word-count goal in several days) although adrenaline boosts I received by neighbour’s attacking dogs do give me something to write about – a rant or just a fantasy scene where my character kicks ass comes to mind…

Talking of NaNoWriMo – the first half of November is already over. Time surely flies these days, perhaps doubly so since so many emotional upheavals sap my energy levels. I was also reminded by my sister that I’m going grey – yes, I’m not yet 30 and my hair has decided to abandon dark brown and go for white. *sighs* The 2010s are NOT a good or stress-free decade in my life.

Excuse me, I’m going to order some pepper spray for dogs, then I’m going to write. I need some calm music to get in the mood but that will do wonders for my blood pressure and hopefully slow down my hair-rebellion.


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