Paris Attacks and Radical Islam


My heart goes out to all family members of the victims and all of France. There are too many, far too many dead. The senselessness of it all just cuts to the bone. I’m just outraged, deeply and utterly outraged at the continuous terror attacks all over the world.

I stand with all Europeans and other countries in support of western values and way of life, for our democracy and free speech, for our freedom and security. Cowards who chose death as their message won’t stop us from thriving, of living free and fulfilled lives. We are many, they are few and it is time we show them the door. I used to believe we’re living in the 21st century but the state of the world makes me think we’re back to square one and we have to relearn the lesson that violence leads nowhere. Use dialog to air your grievances not bullets or explosives, ok? I’m also heartened by the many positive and peaceful responses to the attacks –

This is what we support, this is how we live our lives. Solidarity, peace, and humanity.


Links to articles about the attacks:

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Paris attacks – CNN

Paris attacks – Reuters

Cowardly men opened fire at unarmed civilians – I’m so fucking done with this shit, you know? The attacks are a great shock to France and Paris and yet, I knew deep down that something like this was coming; the string of attacks in the last months, both thwarted and completed, have given me an uneasy feeling in my gut. It was either France, Germany or the UK. And it is always the innocent who get gunned down, stabbed in the back, or just terrorised on the streets. What is wrong with these people?

I’m sick of listening to the same news time and time again and I’m sick and tired of the way a radical ideology tries to spread its tentacles across the world. It makes my blood boil when I read tweets saying – “yeah, it was bad and the whole world cares about Paris, but what about Palestine?” You do not compare the two, ok? This is not a competition. And stop involving the entire world in your conflict. Terrorists are scum and they don’t care what we think about them, they only try to exploit our fears and incite more violence. We need to cut this vicious cycle.


That is why I’m done with the whole argument about tolerance because you do not tolerate extremists in your own society, whether they be radical right or left, religious or non-religious. It’s just not something you should do because this only allows them to operate freely and it makes you look weak to boot. Since when can a member of some extreme group call upon all religious people to perform attacks on foreign nationals? Since when it is alright for people to fear saying their mind when it comes to Islam because someone who disagrees with you can stab or shoot you in the street or at home or at work?


I’m sick of reading news or watching videos where Islamists cry out for Sharia and a Caliphate in Europe. It makes my blood boil. Europe has decided to be tolerant of all religions and we are doing well in this regard, but calling for an alien political and law system to be implemented is going too far. I think it just boggles the mind and no rational person can make heads or tails with it. If you like Sharia so much, move to a country that practices it – there are quite a few to choose from, don’t try to change the world to suit you and your radical ideology. Western countries have western laws and political systems in place, Islamic countries have other laws and practices. Everyone is happy and people can choose where to live – or so goes the theory anyway. Crying that democracy is shit and that you need Sharia to live a fulfilling life also makes a hypocrite out of you. It is these western free speech laws that give you the ability to cry out for death of non-believers, for the destruction of the West that would be denied to you if you tried to cry out for democracy under Sharia. Just a thought to keep in mind.

If we can silence and prosecute Nazi groups, I think we can designate Islamic extremist groups as hate groups as well. Extremism of any religion is not a representation of that religion and their believers, ok. We get that, but it is time we put a stop to the spreading poison all the same. We know that many Muslims are non-violent but that does not make the violent radicals magically disappear. We must stop them at the root and make possession of radical propaganda and literature a criminal offense. It’s a start anyway and a clear message that it is not ok to believe killing innocent people is somehow right or desired in any religion or ideology or nation.

Tolerance of non-tolerant people is stupid and dangerous. Time to show them a united front and stand up for peaceful people all over the world regardless of their religion or nationality.


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