World Kindness Day


Today is a World Kindness Day and everyone is encouraged to participate in making the world a bit brighter. It can be just a smile, a nice gesture, or something more involved. It is also a day to remember to be kind to yourself as well. If you feel good in your skin you’re more likely to be kind to others. Kindness Day was conceived in a cooperation of various humanitarian groups in 1997 and has been adopted by numerous countries around the world. Nowadays, the focus is mainly on preventing hate speech on the net, but they encourage kindness in our daily social interactions even more.

The link takes you to the official site where you’ll find more ideas on how to participate in the project. Some people even put together weekly or monthly challenges with small acts of kindness to perform. I’ve got enough challenges to deal with in my reading, so I won’t participate in any of those although they do look like a lot of fun. I’ll just continue being kind to family and other people. 😀

I’ve decided to share some inspiration quotes about kindness on my Pinterest board. There are also lots of other quotes, so feel free to browse the collection – here.



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