Death in the family


We said goodbye to grandmother Rozi (Rosie) today. She passed away aged 82 after a prolonged illness and a sudden rapid deterioration of her health. I usually don’t post too many deeply personal things, so I did not talk about her hospitalisation. I hoped everything would turn out ok and that I would not need to write about it at all… even though we knew for a couple of days that her chances of recovery were slim, we still hoped she’d pull through. Unfortunately, doctors can’t perform miracles, even though we all wish they could. She quietly slipped away in the late hours on Saturday, 7th November. Today was the funeral and the day couldn’t have turned out more beautiful. It was a very warm, sunny autumn day, one of the last glorious days in November, and it framed her last journey with warmth and hope for the future.

She was always a very giving person, one to help everyone. I loved spending time at her house as a child, especially since she lived in the countryside and kept many animals. She had adorable rabbits, cuddly cats, a pair of goats and numerous kids. Even the nearby forest offered many delights in the autumn. We were always busy with grape harvest in October or September and she baked so many pastries for Christmas we never had to buy a sweet thing in the following weeks. For Easter it was sweet bread and coloured eggs, and in the summer she’d always call when fresh goat’s cheese or produce from her garden was to be had. She could be bossy but she always listened. And she could be very funny, even at her own expense. We’ll miss her.

Funerals and death are inherently sad events but knowing she lived a fulfilling life and will be remembered with fondness is a welcome balm. Death is inevitable but how we deal with it and live our lives is what truly matters. She was a fighter and someone who looked forward. We will keep her in our thoughts and cherish fond memories. She could see the funny in everything, so we will try to do that for her instead.

She was my last remaining grandmother, my father’s parents having passed away years ago, and it hurts. Still, I find comfort in knowing she had lived a long life.

Love you, babi, and miss you.


2 responses to “Death in the family

  1. Very beautifully written. I understand the loss of “the last grandparent”, and I wrote about my experience too. It can definitely put youth and age into clearer perspective. I always felt as long as my Granddaddy was living, time never moved with my age. My condolences to you and your family. You have beautiful memories of her that will sustain you forever, hold on to them.

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