NaNoWriMo Preparation

How is your preparation going? I’ve got enough paper to scribble on to my heart’s content, a new folder for the 30 files, and the amazing David Seah NaNoWriMo calendar (here). Isn’t the calendar great? It allows you to monitor your word output closely, making it easier to know exactly where you are each day. I found it super useful last year so I was so happy to see he created one for 2015 too.


One good advice I got this year is to think about writing in 500 word blocks – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. That’s easily doable and far more natural for me. It’ll feel like part of a routine, only the topic of my writing will be different and more demanding. I usually have trouble pushing past 1000 words in one setting if I’m not in one of those inspiration moments when words just write themselves. And 500 words is basically one page, give or take a few lines. Do you already feel better thinking of your goal in 500 words segments? I do. 😀

I usually write my stories in Word, which is antiquated, but I need word-check to catch typos. Of course some advise you to go as simple as possible and use Notepad. Others swear on fancy software to plan out your plot and work. I’d use that only to edit my story once it’s done otherwise I’d never even start writing and be stuck in plotting hell for years. (Which I basically am.) I need to turn into a NaNoWriMo winner!

I still need to create a cover for my story. Some people have created the most amazing art. They look almost ready for print! It’s awesome. Just imagine the time and effort for just a cover. That’s some hard commitment. I’ll need to engage my sister (the Photoshop user) or patch together something with my minimalistic PhotoFiltre.  There’s also a thread in the NaNoWriMo forums where one amazing artist offers to do the cover for you – check it out. She’s pro level and very inventive.


As for my other preparations; my teapot is prepped for constant use, my collection of loose tea and tea bags stocked, and my lovely tray to transport it to my room near at hand. I only need to figure out how to keep the pot hot for longer periods or I’d drink it cold. Writing can make the time fly. Maybe I could rig something with my essential oil burner – it’s got a nice platform to hold it over a tea candle. Huh, what’d you think – it is even called a tea candle. 😀 I just hope the pot doesn’t crack if it gets too close to the flame…maybe a trial near the kitchen sink is in order? I don’t know – my white pot is rather thin and cheaply bought.


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