One Week to NaNoWriMo


It’s only a week to NaNoWriMo! How the time flies… it was just a few weeks ago that I started to put together plans for a new attempt to reach those mystical 50,000 words. I feel like a total failure for not getting anywhere near the goal even though I try so hard.

Last year I was completely derailed by teaching sociology at a high school. It takes so much time to plan and prepare materials. I was busy editing and subtitling various videos, helping put together Power-point presentations, and just plain researching the hell out of the topics my group had to cover. So, I may have been writing and busy just not for NaNoWriMo.

This year I will be in research mode again for my two final theses, so there will be only limited time for any writing. I’ll participate, of course, but I won’t be an active contributor on any forums. I’m already preparing posts for my blog so you’ll see few spur of the moment posts and only what I’ve scheduled. It is a habit I really should have by now. Thankfully, I’m ahead with my reading goals and challenges, so I can slow down my reading as well. 😀

NaNoWriMo has changed and modernised many of its features. I love the badges – you get participation badges and writing badges for your achievements. They also offer personal achievement badges. Mine should be – updating 14 days in a row and reaching 30,000 words. That would be achievement indeed. My fantasy novel is tentatively titled Blinding Radiance of Greed – it doesn’t sound all too fantasy, I know, but I better not nitpick from the very start or I’ll get nowhere. Here’s the synopsis:

They came slowly, silently, and peacefully, spreading word of a new world order, a new religion. They brought prosperity and wealth, raising the world from the ashes and chaos of the old ways. So the official doctrine of the Empire says.

The neighbouring lands remember a different story about the ‘Bright Ones’. They talk of destroyed temples, denied Ancestors, and massacred Mediums. They condemn the denial of ghosts and protectors and they wonder: Is it too late to save what the Empire has already lost?

Are there fellow NaNoWriMo participants? 😀 Let me know.


8 responses to “One Week to NaNoWriMo

    • Great! I hope it turns out to be a wonderful experience. 🙂 You should definitely stock up on your preferred beverage – I believe most writers are consuming huge amounts of caffeine. Good luck!

      • Mint & lemon! I’m sure it’ll be a memorable experience even if I don’t hit 50,000 words. G’luck to you too! [:

    • Thank you! 😀 I’ve read your posts and you’ve done so much thinking ahead already. *is envious*
      I have only vague ideas about characters and events and rarely structure them on paper, so maybe I get bogged down with things I need to figure out the more I write.
      Good luck!

      • Don’t be envious my characters are my walking stick at the moment because I don’t know what the hell is happening the middle of my story. Most of my planning is actually happening in my head now- I only have two full sheets of paper full of planning so I think we are on the same page hahaha 🙂

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