International Artists Day


International Artists Day honours all artists that capture our world. It is art that helps us express the heights and pitfalls of human condition, often raising awareness about issues and problems few are even aware of. The mediums art can utilise for its message are numerous, and we certainly feel more connected to some of them than to other, but all artists express our emotions and thoughts.

The best way to celebrate International Artist Day is to support local artists, whether they are professionals or amateurs. There’s usually a community or a small group where you can meet them, maybe a festival or annual event to participate in. If you’ve been looking for something to brighten up your room, then head out and find what you need. It’s not necessary to pay an enormous amount of money to get something unique and beautiful – plenty of artists start small and your contribution can only help them.

If you’re the creative sort, this may be the excuse to finally get back to your craft and express yourself. Some art supply shops offer inexpensive classes. Museums and Art Galleries can be another way to celebrate this day, so visit your local artistic establishments – perhaps they have an open door day and you can admire art for free, or you can enrol in a class or two when you have time. IAD is a great time to celebrate existing artists, and the artist that exists within all of us.

I’ve dabbled in many media – from painting on silk, painting with oil, pastels, paper crafts, collage, jewellery-making, clay, embroidery… I’m a girl of many talents. 😀 My sister is the genuine artists though. She’s getting her MA in painting arts, so she’ll be one of the many struggling artists. This day is dedicated to people like her, so I fully support it.

Do you express your artistic side as well and in what way? Feel free to share with me.


Painting I’ve done in High School, so it’s about 10 years old. It was one of my first attempts at large scale paintings.


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