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I’ve read so many books in the last days, and far more thrillers than in all the months before, but now I’ve slowed my pace considerably. Other obligations cut back into my reading time, but I hope to pick up again in December. We’ll see how crazy November turns out. I’m currently reading The Shining (The Shining #1) by Stephen King. It’s a thriller/horror novel and a book of his that languished on my mental TBR list for far too long.


11588Danny was only five years old but in the words of old Mr Halloran he was a ‘shiner’, aglow with psychic voltage. When his father became caretaker of the Overlook Hotel his visions grew frighteningly out of control.

As winter closed in and blizzards cut them off, the hotel seemed to develop a life of its own. It was meant to be empty, but who was the lady in Room 217, and who were the masked guests going up and down in the elevator? And why did the hedges shaped like animals seem so alive?

Somewhere, somehow there was an evil force in the hotel – and that too had begun to shine…

I’m only 29% into this rather long book (500 pages), the 6th read of my Thriller Month Reading Challenge. I like it very much so far and the mounting supernatural elements have me afraid of what is yet to come. Well, the summary is succint enough, I suppose, but you never know with King. Surprisingly for me, I just adore the child character Danny. I’m usually less than enthusiastic about them because authors either make them into brats or raging narcissists. No such thing here and I love it. 😀

I plan to watch the movie adaptation and compare it to the book – I know some consider the movie a classic, but I haven’t seen it yet. (I know, I’m a chicken when it comes to supernatural thrillers or horror movies – it takes me a long time to gather enough courage to watch the damned thing.) I hope to add a new title for my Movie Adaptations posts. I chose the book because it also fits my 1001-Book Challenge and the Chunkster Reading Challenge.

What are you reading these days?


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