Book Review – Nightmares and Dreamscapes

12994583Nightmares and Dreamscapes

By Stephen King

Genre: short stories, horror, thriller, mystery

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star 4


In story after story, the long reach of Stephen King’s imagination and the no-holds-barred force of his storytelling will take you to places you have never been before.


First book for my Thriller Month. YAY! I’m not much of a short stories reader usually but the few collections I’ve read have whetted my appetite now, so I’m going to make it a goal to read more of them each year.

Stephen King does not disappoint. 😀 The stories in this collection are compelling, with some of them so creepy I had to limit myself to only a few a day or my dreams would turn nasty. Thrillers and horror should not be read before you fall asleep is all I’m saying. 😀

The mix of short stories offers a lot of variety so any reader can find a story for them. I appear to love those in the middle part of the collection. I think I have a thing for ghosts and creepy, nightmarish scenarios involving small towns or small spaces. Yikes.

My absolute favourites were: Chattery Teeth, Dedication, and The Ten O’Clock People. The last one in particular would make a great novel and movie.

Here’s a spoiler-free overview of the stories in this collection and my ratings:

Dolan’s Cadillac – murder story – 3.5 stars
The End of the Whole Mess – apocalypse is brought on by a brilliant man who doesn’t have enough patience to get his studies done before plunging ahead with his plans – 4 stars
Suffer the Little Children – a supernatural/horror short story set in elementary school. Ugh, it’s so creepy. The poor teacher. 5 stars
The Night Flier – Dracula moving around with an airplane – 3 stars
Popsy – abducted child 3.5 stars
It Grows on You – mystery house story, 3 stars.
Chattery Teeth – supernatural object, 5 stars
Dedication – coloured woman’s story with magic, excellent 5 stars
The Moving Finger – horror story involving random fingers and drains, 5 stars
Sneakers – ghost story, 5 stars”
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band – super scary ghost story in small town, stuff of nightmares – 5 stars
Home Delivery – zombie apocalypse – 5 stars
Rainy Season – supernatural event in small town, creepy – 5 stars
My Pretty Pony – grandpa & grandson bonding – 4 stars
Sorry, Right Number – short script that might have inspired Landline by Rowell – 4 stars”
The Ten O’Clock People – horror with batpeople only moderate smokers can see – 5 stars
Crouch End – horror with alternate universe – 4 stars
The House on Maple Street – house transforming – 4 stars
The Fifth Quarter – murder – 3 stars
The Doctor’s Case – Sherlock Holmes story where Watson solves the case first – 4 stars
Umney’s Last Case – what happens when a writer takes the place of his character – 3 stars
Head Down – baseball story I didn’t care much about
Brooklyn August – poem about baseball; again, not to my taste


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