National Handbag Day


This one is funny. I’m no fashionista or a collector of handbags, but I admit I love to browse the internet every now and then for different designs. The prices though – just crazy. No matter what someone may say, a scrap of leather can’t be worth 2,000€. My upper limit would be 200€ for a very big leather handbag, but anything over that  number – nope. Still, the idea about showcasing your favourite handbag isn’t that crazy. A handbag is an item that holds our lives when we exit our homes; phone, wallet, make-up, gum, book, pencil case… the list goes on.

My own bags fall into two colour categories most of the time: red or brown. I used to like black handbags, and even dabbled with turquoise, but now I’m firmly in the red camp. There’s just something about the colour that attracts me. It certainly brightens up my style and makes it more lively. I used to like being more on the invisible side while in public thus muted colours and neutrals, now I enjoy myself and my own style of more colour. Red accessories are currently all the rage with me.

Of course, I have my calm moments and then natural leather colours in warm tan or reddish brown come into play. 🙂 I don’t have a lot of money to splurge on handbags (I wil buy a genuine leather one with my first paycheck) but over the years I think I may have found a middle ground and take good care of my handbags. It certainly helps I became a bit more careful about overloading. Hey, once a strap snaps in the middle of the street, you start paying more attention to the amount of books things you carry around (or invest in a few nice totes).

To celebrate, upload photos of your favorite bags on your blog, twitter, instagram and use hashtag #NationalHandbagDay. 😀 Hope you have fun!


Swytla’s favourite handbag. Bought in 2014. Big enough to hold notes and folders for classes, books… and everything else I might need. 😀


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