TV Ramblings – Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

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The trailer is the only highlight of this short series (6 episodes),the rest you can easily do without.


Ok, let’s get something clear: this is one of the worst let down in series I’ve ever experienced. I thought this was going to answer questions the original series never tackled, but the level of idiocy portrayed is just an affront to all rational people. It’s easy to say: ‘It’s a series about zombies, what did you expect?’ Ugh. No. What I expected was smart characters, good explanations about the spread of the zombie virus, maybe the perspective of first responders. Think about it: the first episodes make it clear the police and hospital staff know about the virus before the masses put it together. How awesome would it be to see more of the background and not follow the lives of the three most stupid families in LA?


The main cast.

The audience is expected to react in the same way when the first series came out; like we know nothing about zombies. We already know the rules, so we found these mentally-slow characters putting together the pieces as exciting as drying paint. The smart characters who wish to help people get killed off or disappear. I have no idea who gave this series a 7,7 rating on imdb.

Fear the Walking Dead gives us idiotic characters you can’t root for, already seen scenarios, wrong bad guys, and absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. It feels like the zombies are an afterthought in the personal drama of those families. It would be just the same if the scenario featured a biological attack of some kind or a flu epidemic. (What was it about the flu shots in the early episodes?)

We get one teenaged character who knows what is coming by following the internet rumours. Why didn’t we see more of that kid? He was smart enough to prepare, to know where to find food other people wouldn’t think of looking… Come on! I did not wish to see the stupid mom whose only goal was to get drugs for her addict son and to keep her daughter in the dark about the zombies. And talking about the teenaged addict – he was one of the smartest guys in the series. No kidding. When the smartest character in a show is an addict, you know you’ve sunk to the bottom.


The only smart character in the first episodes.

The last episode is the absolute kicker. The menace perpetrated by these idiotic characters reaches genocide proportions. Yep, that’s right. They leave open fences protecting people from zombies, not telling neighbours about the army pulling out, torturing people who protected them, then they use zombies to infiltrate a field hospital in a building they could have snuck in, or maybe…you know, maybe just waited for the army to move out since they were already in evacuation mode, and then go in? HELLO? Who wrote this?!

Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar and Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Griselda Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

Daniel Salazar and Griselda Salazar – the war criminals. Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

A former war criminal who had sliced a soldier already willing to divulge information releases 2,000 zombies on the compound to distract guards while he can search the veritable maze for his wife. And the other families agree with this? Is this shit for real? They killed everyone in that building. What if the soldiers were needed in some other town where they could have prevented the worst? What if they were the difference between people dying and people being saved? But no, this family needs their addict son and they are willing to kill everyone in there to get him. And the real kicker – they only feel bad about things when they see piles of ash of all the burned bodies and the war criminal can’t bury the body of his wife (who may have been his partner in crime). I was just DONE. They feel no compassion for the soldiers mauled by zombies they had brought there; they have no regard for people who can’t help them. In fact, I’d describe them as natural allies of zombies. *headdesk*


I’m not watching a second season of this. Make yourself a favour and avoid it since it takes all the flaws of the original series and multiplies it by 100. We are not supposed to root for the zombies, which I did passionately in the last episode when they were attacking the idiotic main characters. Who knows, maybe this series is great for drinking games – whenever they do something idiotic, take a sip. I guarantee you’ll be under the table in no time.


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