Lace Day

cipka8I love lace; in fact I’m fascinated by the hand-made ones. It is such a time-consuming process and the end result is both fragile and strong at the same time. Lace may be created with different methods; I’m all for knitting and crocheting lace designs. I may not wear much lace since I’m more simple garments gal, but you bet I’ve created doilies for almost all available surfaces in my room. 😀

My mother is fascinated by Slovenia’s national lace from Idrija, a former mercury mining town. Bobbin lace-making in Idrija has a very long tradition (from 17th century) and the finished products are breathtaking in their intricacy. I bought one round design as a gift for my mother’s birthday and had it framed. It’s so worth the money. Idrija lace is on the expensive side, and the prices move from 20€ upwards, according to size and intricacy of the design. I love the framed lace – it is very eye-catching – and I completely understand her desire to add to the collection.


A birthday gift for my mother – framed handmade Idrija lace.

Here are some articles with more details about the history of Idrija lace and the lace-making process itself and a short video. I hope it helps. 😀 Idrija lace and The Story of Idrija lace.

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