First Day of Autumn


Hello! I haven’t been active on my blog for some time now. *cringes* I promise I’ll return and start posting regularly in October. YAY! 😀 Expect monthly themes for my posts and more book adaptation reviews. I’ve been super busy reading and spending time with my family, reconnecting with everyone.

My room got a makeover – fresh paint on the walls (pale sky blue), new placement of my furniture, some decorative elements… you name it. It was such a big project for me since I got to empty my closets and sort through yours worth of collected stuff. I was surprised there wasn’t that much I had to throw away, actually. My spring cleaning in the past must have done the trick. 😀 Well, my room being the start, we’ve been busy with our paintbrushes for one more week in other parts of the house before the heatwaves hit us hard and made us more or less lethargic piles of human flesh. Summer, the time when the only thing you look forward to is the evening when it cools off. But now it’s already autumn!


Autumn brings more pumpkins than we already enjoyed in the summer. Delicious.

I can barely believe the summer passed so quickly. No doubts about it though; I’ve put my trusty teapot back into business. If that doesn’t make it clear summer is gone, then nothing else does. I love tea when it is colder outside and I’m thrilled I’ve got quite a few tea samples from Palais des Thés to enjoy. I’ll share my thoughts on the tea in future posts. 😀

I’ve started  reading up on the refugee/immigration crisis in Europe in early September. But I will go no further about this depressing topic here. Let’s focus on autumn instead.

Dear readers; enjoy the changing seasons and don’t forget to wrap up in layers for some insulation from the cold. 😀

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