World Book Night 

World Book Night is about celebrating the joy of reading. This is a holiday that I’m looking forward to – book fairs, discounts and other fabulous events take place around this date. I hope to find many new books to read or just fill my shelves. 😀

I can’t imagine my life without books anymore, so I am saddened by the statistics saying people read less, or just what they need to for schooling and work. It’s a shame – reading for pleasure is a great habit to cultivate. Since this holiday encourages book lovers to share their passion with others, I’m inspired to include my sister. She is a picky reader who doesn’t like the same genres as I which makes it a challenge to share books with her. She also doesn’t enjoy reading books written in English, my prefered language for literature these days. Well, there’s hope yet – she recently developed a desire for audiobooks, so I hope to find books that will suit her and maybe inspire her to read some of the books on my bookshelves. 😀

So, if you have a friend, family member or work colleague that you know does not read regularly, give them the gift of a book. It doesn’t matter whether the book is new or second-hand, it just needs to be a book you have enjoyed or one you think your friend will like. This is the way to share your joy with others.

Slovenia, my home country, celebrates books the entire week. Libraries, book shops, and schools have prepared various book readings, sales, interviews with authors, read-a-thons and much more. It’s fascinating how this celebration took off in a number of years. I don’t remember my generation celebrating it.


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