Caffeine Awareness Month

MARCH is Caffeine Awareness Month

I admit I love both tea and coffee, two sources of caffeine. I started drinking coffee in high school or around 15 years of age, but got my taste for ‘real’ tea (as opposed to herbal tea blends my family drank in the colder moths) only rather recently. Now I can’t imagine my life without a pot of tea, either black tea in the morning or green tea in the afternoon, depending on the mood and time. I’m not a regular coffee drinker since I have long periods of abstinence, but a zombie apocalypse would not go over well with my habits nonetheless. I need my tea and coffee! 😀 (Psssst – take soft drinks instead. I don’t drink them.)

Caffeine Awareness Month came into being to highlight exactly how entrenched these beverages are in our society. It gives us an opportunity to be mindful about the amount of caffeine we are drinking, pointing out some alternatives if we wish to cut back a little. Campaigners recommend we swap the iconic morning cup of Joe for a smoothie or glass of juice, or erase it from the menu altogether. I’d say this is a great idea for people who drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, but not necessarily something for me. I’ll do my best to prevent any excesses; it’s healthier to eat and drink in moderation, but replacing them completely? – out of the question.

How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a day?


3 responses to “Caffeine Awareness Month

  1. We love turmeric tea (which isn’t ‘technically’ tea but still delicious), have you tried it? Check out our instagram @afterWOD, we just posted about turmeric tea today!

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