Fun Facts About Names Day

Fun Facts About Names Day encourages us to learn about the historical meanings and influences behind our names, the names of our friends and families. Is there a story behind your name? Maybe you were named after a relative?


Source: wikipedia

My own name is a local slavic form of Maria, so nothing terribly original or ground-breaking here. It was not all that popular until a few celebrities with the name appeared on the scene and the name picked up in popularity. I didn’t particularly like it since I was kind of sticking out from the masses in my town. I was the only girl with that name in my generation. My mother considered another name for me but grandparents weren’t enthusiastic about it. I should be named Vika, a diminutive of Victoria. I don’t know if it would fit me now when I’m used to my name, but I think it would have been just as original.

As for my nickname Swytla, it was inspired by the polish word for light ‘swiatla’. I just modified the spelling to make it slightly more unique and ultimately mine own. My inspiration were the stars which feature prominently in the Tolkien mythology. I was fascinated with Varda or Elbereth by the time I picked it, so I looked for all kinds of inspiration regarding morning and evening stars. In my search in the bowels of internet, I stumbled across the word and something clicked. One minor change and voila! Swytla it is. 😀

What about you?


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