Valentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day


Now, I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s, it’s not a big part of my culture. No secret Valentine cards in lockers or anything like that. A couple might go on a nice date, movies, eat some chocolate, but that’s just what they do to celebrate their relationship. Still, I find the idea of a day dedicated to chocolate one I can’t resist. The whole media blitz though, it makes me feel just like the gif below. Enough is enough.


Celebrating books is more my speed. 😀 International Book Giving Day calls on volunteers to share their favourite book with a young reader. I don’t have any close relatives this age, nor do my friends have children already. It would be odd to give out books to strangers though. One way to celebrate is to donate books to local libraries, schools or charities. Perhaps that may come in once I get my first paycheck.

I just got a bunch of second-hand books that I ordered a few weeks ago. I feel that should suffice here – I’m giving books to me, a child at heart where books are concerned. 😉


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