Library Lovers Month


The inside of my local library – Knjižnica ivana Potrča, Ptuj.

February is a Library Lovers Month. This is important. Libraries are an endless source of information and learning opportunities, combined with access to computers and further knowledge. A world would be a sorry place without them.

I’ve spent a good portion of my early school years browsing the shelves or studying in a group at my local library. So there’s something comforting about libraries, something familiar. If I had to buy all the books I consume on a regular basis, I’d be as poor as a church mouse. Libraries are a magnificent creation. I visit them to get my study materials primarily – let’s face it, books for required reading and research are bloody expensive. This is a matter of life and death in poorer countries where access to a library may mean a difference between having an education or living in abject poverty.


NUK – National and University Library of Slovenia. The main reading room.

Libraries are also a place where you go to read in peace, since they usually feature silent spaces. I wish my faculty library had space for proper reading rooms. There are very few or none at all, depending on the department. There’s little space left besides the shelves and the librarian’s counter. I miss the silence and the atmosphere of a ‘proper’ library there. Recent talk about moving the library into a new building with suitable rooms has me excited despite the fact my student life is nearing its end.

So, what are your experiences with libraries? Do you have a favourite one?


This is the outside view of my local library. 😀 Isn’t it grand? It is where minor nobility vassals lived when the guys in charge came to visit and stayed at the castle, pushing them out. It’s called Small Castle (Mali Grad).


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