Appreciate a Dragon Day

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This sounds like an amazing opportunity to display a collection of dragon pictures, if you have them, or just delve into our collective fascination with them. Mythology represents dragons as either a force of good or evil; Asian mythology tends towards the former, western towards the latter. Modern outlook is more balanced and we have about an equal representation in media. And I like that – I couldn’t be satisfied with dragons as purely evil, fire-breathing monsters bent on destruction, but representing them as entirely good beings would be equally problematic and probably boring.

So, I support the Appreciate a Dragon Day being celebrated today, 16th January. I was always fascinated by them and how many different incarnations of the same creature people came up with through the history. From winged worms, dinosaur-like beings, dragons covered in fur, feathers, with four or two legs, horns or no horns, immortal or mortal… the possibilities are endless. Perhaps that is part of their charm. 😀

Below are some of the dragons I like the most or which play an important role in my favourite series, movies, or books. By order of appearance we have:


Haku from Spirited Away


Toothless form How to Tame Your Dragon


Smaug from The Hobbit

Game of Thrones dragons: Drogon (black), Rhaegal (green) and Viserion (white)

Game of Thrones dragons: Drogon (black), Rhaegal (green) and Viserion (white)



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