Year in Review 2014 – Reading Challenges

Not a great year regarding my reading challenges or reading in general. I had long reading slumps, but I did find a number of fanfiction stories I enjoyed in the Hobbit fandom that pulled me into reading books again. I managed to complete my goal of reading 100 books by the skin of my teeth, which is not an experience I’d like to repeat any time soon. I learned that shorter stories help to keep my motivation going when I can’t seem to muster enough energy for my usual longer reads. Some classics are shorter than one would imagine and short stories aren’t a bad genre at all and feature many fascinating characters. Additionally, it’s great to throw in a humorous/children’s book from time to time. Books can never turn dull. 😀


How did I do in my reading challenges? Here’re the stats:

Read 100 books – read 100 books

  • Longest book 915 pages – Into the Wilderness, Sara Donati
  • Most used rating – 4 stars (40 books)
  • Most read genre – young adult


Goodreads Choice Award Challenge – read 12 out of 20

1001-books-you-must-read-before-you-die Challenge – read 12 out of my yearly goal of 25

Dystopia Reading Challenge – read 10 out of 24


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