Blogging Plans in 2015

Looking at the stats of the past year, my readers like posts about period series, movie adaptations of books, and more personal posts about my life. It makes sense, so I will try to write more such posts in the future. Memes are liked as well, but I find less joy in them than I used to. Top Ten Tuesday features various  bookish themes but coming up with 10 books takes time and energy I would rather spend reading. I also got the impression I always choose the same books over and over again. That is not the purpose of the meme. Therefore I will only prepare seasonal TBR posts – I like composing them. 😀


So, what can my readers expect in 2015?  I will post book reviews for books I really enjoyed and wish more people would read them, movie and series reviews as well as anticipation posts, reviews of kdramas I watched (I do watch a few in a year despite being really picky), and feature special days in 2015, like the upcoming Science Fiction Day on 2nd January. I hope to add other themes and posts as well, but no promises. It’s my final year at the uni and that means a Master thesis plus practical work at schools.

I hope you’ll like my posts and happy reading!


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