Wonderful collection of mugs, cups, and saucers – PolonaPolona

polonapolonaloncki_b I don’t talk much about my love of good tea on the blog (or at least I don’t post regularly on my purchases), so you might not know I also share a love of all things beatiful that goes along with drinking tea. But this is too good not to share and perhaps support the artist at the same time. 😀 My favourite bookstore recently featured an exhibition of mugs and plates of a local artist – Polona Pačnik. I was unfortunately not in town at that time, but they still had a large stack of mugs when I did come by again. Lucky me. I immediatelly snagged a cup and saucer combo for about 20€. Perhaps a bit on the expensive side when compared to the mass produced wares, but being a genuine hand-painted article, I’d say it’s cheap. Larger mugs are 15€ and I’ll get one soon – my coffee does deserve something nice for a change. original tumblr_inline_mlnzrqMkV01qz4rgp I love the simplistic black and white design, tongue-in-cheek quote, but most of all, I’m really glad her art features writers (international and Slovenian), book and movie characters, and influental people from the past. She renders these people in a slightly exaggerated artistic style that reminds me of good carricatures. There are also mugs with ordinary people to choose from; I like literary mugs the best. They combine my love of books and tea, and no one can argue about it being awesome. 😀



This is the cup and saucer I bought (Elizabeth Bennet). Isn’t it wonderful? 😀


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