Hobbit Day – 22nd September

hobbit day_1

It’s Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday! 😀

Fans around the world are preparing special events; sadly, I’m not one of them. There aren’t that many die-hard fans in my social group that we’d celebrate Middle Earth and it’s two iconic heroes, but I wish I could throw a party and welcome the coming autumn. 😀

I’ve taken a turn in my favourite bookstore and found a lot of new books on Middle Earth – from ME for Dummies to The History of ME. Well, I’ve looked at them and they may be a great reference for anyone diving into this fascinating world, but didn’t buy any at the moment. I better be 100% behind such a decision – the History of ME collection spans 10 books at least. Kind of a lot for an impulsive buy when the internet and original novels can do nicely as research material. I was tempted, though. I hate owning unfinished collections, just loathe them, so I decided not to. *sniffle*

I hope to have better timing next year and do something nice, even if it is just for me. Perhaps a hobbit breakfast? Maybe a 7-meal day wouldn’t be a bad idea  – with small portions, though. I’m not a hobbit and my digestive tract would not react to sudden excess with good humour. Erm, I believe it would not, but you never know. Perhaps I am more of a hobbit than I might think. But the best option of all would be a movie marathon of the extended versions. I’d get to see Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo again. 😀


Speaking of movies; I can’t wait for the last Hobbit movie to come to the cinemas, and for the extended version of The Desolation of Smaug to come out on DVD. I’m waiting for it since I stepped out of the cinema last December. It’s killing me…

So, fellow fans, I wish you the best of times today. 😀 Celebrate a little (or a lot, as you like) in my name too.


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