Banned Books Week and a Return to Blogging

Banned books_1

Banned Books Week is an important event highlighting the less savoury side of literature production. Library bans, print bans, book burnings, and author prosecution are just a few pastimes I thought to be a thing of the past. Sadly, many countries regularly ban books for various reasons:  sometimes they fear the subject matter will prove inflamatory and incite riots, sometimes they deem it offensive, vulgar, even obscene, and sometimes books have less than flattering things to say about their leaders, the country’s history, religion, or current political situation.

Well, I can understand putting a restriction on printing books that  promote racial, religious or ethnical discrimination or even presecution of minorities, but I’d not burn books or throw people in jail for writing or just owning them. That’s not the way to deal with problems or hide the painful truth.

I’m currently reading Frankenstein by Mary shelley, a book that was banned at one point in the past. It beats me why, but I find it hard to believe in general that countries ban books from the fiction genre. Just the label ‘fiction’ makes it hard to find a legitimate reason for a ban. Well, since it fits into my Bralnica reading challenge, I’m glad to see it will count as my entry for the Banned Books Week too. It doesn’t hurt that it’s written by a female author since I try to read as many books written by women. So far, I’ve read 56 books written by women, and 16 books written by men. I’d say this year’s goal has been reached, even if I somehow manage to read only male authors from this point on. 😀


A short personal note:

This is my first post after a long break in my blogging – it’s been about three months since my last book review. A lot of things happened, some happy, some sad, but I’m back again. I hope to catch up soon and start posting 3 times a week. I believe this type of schedule will suit me best as I don’t want to cut back again once duties, exams, and other RL issues crop up again.

Speaking of duties; I’m starting my last year of studies in october! 😀 At last! One more year and I’ll hopefully be a graduted MA, a teacher of English language and sociology. My summer was appropriately exhausting, september being especially nerve-wracking because of exams, but now I have some time for myself and for my bookish obsession. 😀 I’ve got my eyes on a few books already – libraries and bookstores bevare!


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