Five Friday Favourites


Favourite Heroes

This book meme is hosted by Book Badger.

A wonderful meme that could easily be filled with heroes from one of my favourite books – there’s usually several of them that I like. So, it will require some thought to decide – I wouldn’t like to feature only traditional heroes with swords and quests. That gets boring real fast. 😀

heroes_1 1.Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series – a demigod of the finest calibre and a teenager as well. He’s got a lot on his plate but he always does his very best to keep people safe and true to himself.

2.Sparrowhawk from the Earthsea Cycle – a wizard with amazing abilities who’s nonetheless a very down-to-earth person travels around the world and helps unravel mysteries and solve problems. Sounds just right for a hero label, no?

3.Mr. Thornton from North and South – an industrialist from the 19th century finds his way with the help of one strong opinionated young woman. He’s an amazingly complex hero and utterly delicious in the book adaptation when portrayed by Richard Armitage.


4.Charles from Cry Wolf – an intimidating werewolf others fear for good reason is shown here from an entirely new perspective. He turns from a very one-dimensional character into a real person with his own fears and hopes. He’s a great hero in this spin-off series.

5.Bilbo Baggins from Hobbit – an unlikely hero, but there’s all kinds of courage in the world. Bilbo is an amazing hobbit for travelling so far and helping out the dwarves so many times.



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