Five Friday Favourites


Favourite Parents

This book meme is hosted by Book Badger.

This is a hard one – most of books I read feature absent or shitty parents, or it is just those that I remember the most. I decided to browse through my read shelf on Goodreads and found several parents I would probably like to grow up with.

1. Atticus Finch
from To Kill a Mockingbird

– he’s a single parent but he more than makes up for it with his wisdom, gentle guidance, and patience. He’s what I’d call my ideal father figure.

2.Hans and Rosa from The Book Thief

– Rosa may not be a kind mother with her cursing and harsh words, but she cares. I’d be closer to Hans, I believe. He’s an easygoing guy who knows how to soothe a young girl.

3.Leto Atreides and Jessica from Dune

– their upbringing is very different and their fates as well, but when they were together they were one power couple. They would do anything for their children and I can go with that.

4.Lord Elrond from The Lord of the Rings

– he’s the one to foster Aragorn and bring out the best in the child until Aragorn finally returned as king to Gondor. I believe Elrond looked after several children from his brother’s line, so he’s definitely a worthy father figure. Being an immortal half-elf he’s got so much wisdom to draw from, I bet he’d be full of fascinating tales. I’d love that. 😀

5.Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert from Anne of the Green Gables

– they were amazing parents to a young orphan. I loved how they supported her and how safe she felt with them.


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