Five Friday Favourites


Favourite Underrated Books

This book meme is hosted by Book Badger.

Now this meme is fabulous. I love reading books that a lot of people don’t know yet so I can recommend those I loved the most to them. It’s great to know the popular books, if nothing else to rant about them, but spreading out a little and supporting new writers is even better. Yes, you may need to kiss many a toad along the way before you find that one gem, yet the reward is the sweeter the longer the journey. 😀

Here’s my choice of books that have less than 20,000 Goodreads ratings:


Across the Nightingale Floor (Lian Hearn) – 18,380 ratings

I love this novel set in a fictional medieval Japan. It is an amazing start of a series that I devoured as soon as I got my hands on the books. I did not wait for translations although I knew they were coming – I had to know what happened next. Considering this, I find it amazing that there are less than 20,000 ratings on Goodreads.

20504754 Transcendence (Shay Savage) – 3,529 ratings

A magical, absolutely hilarious, and surprisingly deep romance set in prehistoric times. Sounds strange but it works – the writing style and characterisation are simply amazing. I was blown away by this book – I couldn’t let it go before I devoured it to the very last page. I’m not kidding. I’m grateful for a fellow reader who alerted me about this gem. So now I’m returning the favour – people, read this. You’ll enjoy it. 😀


 The White Masai (Corinne Hofmann) – 2,904 ratings

This memoir of a white woman’s life among the Masai has been made into a film as well, so I’m surprised few actually read it. I was fascinated and horrified by the tale because I knew there was going to be heartbreak on both sides. Still, the descriptions of the life in Africa are very vibrant and I enjoyed the book for what it was – a way to deal with the past and an apology at the same time. Perhaps it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it surely deserves more ratings.

12945874Alamut (Vladimir Bartol) – 2,181 ratings

A book by a Slovenian author I devoured years ago and still fondly remember for its brilliant exploration of the lengths men go for faith, power, and revenge. The characters inside belong to a secret group of assassins, similar to today’s terrorist cells. I belive it is this timeless quality of the book that makes it stand out. It received a lot of praise but the number of people actually reading and rating it is rather small. I hope you’ll give this book a chance. 😀

2032908Amenable Women (Mavis Cheek) – 143 ratings

This novel is a lucky buy – I loved the cover and the summary, so home it went with me. I return to this book time and time again when I’m feeling down and am not in the mood to read Austen. There’s this warm feeling emanating from the pages of this books; a gentleness, a caress. I kind describe it but by the end of the book you feel like you’ve met the characters in real life and learned to love them. The exploration of the life Henry VIII’s divorced wife, Anne of Cleves, led is simply inspiring. When you need a quiet tale to keep you warm, pick up this book and enjoy it. 😀

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