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My monthly reading challenge requires that I read a book from my childhood, a book of poems, and one specific book that I won’t even touch with a ten-foot pole. Let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea and leave it at that, although it is kind of funny how everyone reacted to it. 😀

Considering it’s already the 19th of April, it’s high time I started on those two categories; I opened up two books at the same time, including a few other books I have planned to read in spring. Now I’m reading four books at the same time, which is kind of demanding but exhilarating at the same time. Which are these books?

My childhood book is:

I enjoyed this series when I was about 8 or so and I borrowed a bunch of them during holidays for a few years until I outgrew them and found other series to enjoy. These books were fun and just what I needed during the hot summer days. What’s not to like? There’re mysteries, secrets, crime-solving, friendships, and new exciting lands and towns to explore.

A book of poems:

Since I had to study several of his poems for my classes I’ve always wanted to read more of his brilliant work. Now I’ve got the excuse and the needed motivation to read them before the end of April. I hope I’ll discover several new favourites along the way. 😀

One of my 1001 books you must read:

It’s a long book so I doubt I’ll finish it in time but at least I’ve started it. It is one of my spring reads and on my long-term TBR list. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s a fantastic book that really surprises me with its humour and a relatively contemporary feel. Yes, there are some archaic words and formal dialogues, but that does not detract from the story itself. The characters are such a marvel and I completely understand why this is a beloved classic.

And my Dystopia challenge:

  • Parasite (Parasitology #1) by Mira Grant

Now this book gives me trouble – it drags. I hate stories where action and tension feel almost nonexistent. Somehow I can’t get into it, can’t feel the creeping horror, the uncertainty of the people caught up in the events. It just falls…flat. I love the idea, but the execution leaves me wanting. Perhaps editing should have cut out long passages and condensed the entire thing; this book suffers from too much detail, too much recycling. We get that the heroine is a confused, helpless shell of her former self, that she’s strange, that she doesn’t understand things…but, c’mon! It’s like she’s walking around in a fog, with blinders, and her brain shut off. I’ll battle through this book since I reached the half-way point, but I doubt I’d take up another book of the author any time soon. This is traumatic.


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